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Chico Roofing Company is a leading roofing, gutters, skylights and solar energy systems dealer in Chico, California.  Whether you’re looking for the latest new products from Owens Corning, GAF or would just like to discuss a project, we’re here for you. It’s no wonder that homeowners from Chico, Paradise, Orland, Oroville and other local areas trust Chico Roofing Company for roof repairs, installation of tube skylights and installation of solar attic fans.   We have a proven track record of completing quality projects, passed stringent legal and credit checks, and offer home improvement financing. We have also met local requirements for licensing and insurance and have a clean portfolio with the Better Business Bureau. We are also committed to submitting all warranty registrations to our main manufacturer.   From planning to completion, our craftsman and staff are responsible for every project we take on. We have earned a reputation for prompt, dependable service, for quality work using the best materials, for competitive costs, and a high level of business integrity.  We also perform all types of roofing and gutter repairs.   If you live near Butte County or Tehama County contact us. Our phone number is (530) 892-9071; give us a call or send an email to info@chicoroofing.com. We’re waiting to hear from you!


With over 15 years’ experience in Northern California through his exterior remodeling company Chico Roofing Company, Bill Crane and his crews have completed thousands of roofing projects throughout Northern California, with an obsession for exceeding customer expectations, high quality and trouble-free installations.   Bill holds licenses in California as General Contractor (B), as well as Roofing Contractor (C39) and has a long time passion for energy efficiency and renewal energy solutions. With a solid background in roofing, Solar Works is uniquely positions to design and build solar energy systems while protecting the integrity of every associated roof. Crane initially sought out a position in the solar industry marketplace, as he watched inexperienced installers, many without roofing contractor licenses, penetrate roofs during solar installations, thus voiding roof warranties. “We know our way around roofs and are insured to be on roofs, so working with Solar Works insures you against such risk,” he says.


Solar Works in Chico, California is a well known and respected force in the roofing, solar panel, solar energy, and exterior remodeling industries for the past 15 years. Bill Crane’s Solar Works and Chico Roofing Company are your local source for turnkey solar energy systems and roofs that will last as long as your solar system.   We are the only local company in the area that can assure that your roof is ready for solar energy and won’t leak after the solar system is installed. Trained and experienced in Solar Energy solutions and roofing the Chico team is excited to bring to the North State the highest quality services and newest technologies in renewable energy and high-efficiency roofing products.

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