Natural Light Energy Systems® has created top-of-the-line tubular skylights that Chico Roofing Company can install in your home to improve your home and cut down on energy costs dramatically.


Natural Light Tubular SkylightTubular skylights are an effective way to bring light into a room and save money. Tubular skylights emit more light and are more energy efficient than traditional skylights. Electrical lights can add up to 40% of the average heat gain in a home, and with a tubular skylight you can brighten up your home without adding to heat loss or gain.


Benefits Of Natural Light Tubular Skylights:

    • Local Tax Credits: Often these skylights can qualify for local tax credits as an energy conservation device.
    • Reduces Strains: The major appeal of a tubular skylight is that the light is free, but this free light from the sun also reduces eyestrain by offering the full visible spectrum. Not only do they help you see better within your home, but the sunlight also has psychological and physiological benefits.
    • Absorption Of UV Rays: A specially designed dome and the light pipe absorb 99% of harmful UV rays, making them safer and eliminating the bleaching effect on furniture.
    • Easy Installations: No structural changes are necessary and they fit any roof pitch.
    • Decrease Condensation: A unique condensation release system keeps moisture out of the skylight.
    • 25 Year Warranty


Important Features:

    • The Sealed Shaft: Unlike traditional skylights, a seal is used to minimize the transfer of heat and cold into your home, thus making it more energy efficient.
    • The Diffuser: With the use of a diffuser, 100% of the natural light spectrum is scattered in order to eliminate the spot lighting effect common with traditional skylights.
    • The Dome: The dome is made out of a high impact modified acrylic that is considerably stronger than regular acrylic, and it can withstand extreme temperatures.
    • The Stress Collar: There is an exclusive seamless aluminum collar fastened to the dome to equalize the stress around it. This effectively eliminates the need to put screws into the dome thus avoiding a major cause of leakage.
    • The Light Pipe: This pipe has a total reflectivity of 98%, and can be easily trimmed with shears during installation to fit your roof perfectly.


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