Just wonderful service from the beginning to the end. Very professional and punctual. They cleaned everything up every day. The work was done quickly and in a timely manor. We felt the cost was just right for the service. We did have some quotes that were a lot higher and one that was lower, but this company was so professional and detailed and worth every penny. I was handling this on my own, I am a woman and I never felt they were taking advantage of me or brushing my concerns or questions off. I highly recommend the Chico Roofing Company.
Chico Roofing Company completed three important jobs for me. My 20-year roof was at year 22 and needed to be replaced. I had been considering rain gutter covers for some time, and solar panels were part of my plan for the future. Chico Roofing Company was able to do all three of these tasks--new roof, rain gutter covers, and the addition of solar panels. In addition, I had some tubular skylights installed by them since they also offer that service. The delivery and clean-up of materials daily for all jobs was organized, systematic, and efficient. I could not be more pleased. The roofing crew was professional, friendly, and punctual. They explained what they were doing. In the original bid, they included a section of dry rot repair on the small section of the roof that I had pointed out. They noticed dry rot at the base of my chimney as they were roofing, and for a reasonable additional cost, repaired that. The solar panel array was designed for my house and thoughtfully addressed the shade trees on the property. The solar panel crew was just as focused and efficient. I am particularly pleased with the fact that if there is an issue with either the roof under the solar panels or the solar panels themselves, the same company covers it--and the company is local. And I have a warranty for both!
We used Chico Roofing to completely redo a roof on a house we had recently purchased. They did the roofing, repairs for dry rot in the sheeting and rafter tails, gutters and gutter guards and brought insulation up to code. I was very impressed with Bill Crane and his crew. They started on time and when they said they would. They worked hard all day long and kept me informed along the way. Because of extensive repairs to the roof structure the job took a little longer and cost more than I would have liked, but there were no surprises. Chico Roofing is a professional company. I would not hesitate to use them again. In fact when the roof was finished several neighbors commented on the high quality of the workmanship and the crew.
I found Bill Crane, the owner, to be a very pleasant and honest and fair man. It was a little shaky at first try to contact his company due to vacation and illness of his vacation relief. I almost gave up on trying to get a bid from Chico Roofing Company. I am glad that I was persistent! Bill and his work crew, showed up on time every single encounter and cleaned up well every day. I am happy that I could get a good quality roof locally--very important to support my community! There was an issue with blow thru upon the first few rows... I did ask that they stop and remove the plywood and replace and redo rather than trying to putty and paint over, especially since this involved the overhangs near my front entry. No problem... request honored. But something the crew should have checked immediately when they first started application. Bill made it quite clear that if I have any further issues or concerns to call him. Bill's work crew were very pleasant, polite and considerate. Overall I am very happy with the quality of this system and the work. The real test is rainy weather... But I feel ready!