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Richard M.
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A local home maintenance company recommended we contact Chico Roofing. They told my wife and I their workmanship was superior to others in the Chico area. To our surprise they were able to determine our square footage from sattelite photos on the internet, and then direct us to their website where a complete list of all the available styles and colors of roofing were arranged by manufacturer. Once we made our selections Chico Roofing booked our job within ten days, starting on a Tuesday, they spent the next four days removing the two layers of existing roof, one metal the other shake from the 1970s. We had mentioned upgrading our attic insulation to R38 to meet existing code and Chico Roofing was able to do that as well at lower cost than an insulation only company had bid. The new roof took only three days, the crew worked as a team and were never idle while on the job. They replaced all the outside rafters and added a new layer of plywood to the roof before installing the water proof membrane and composet shingles with a 25 year workmanship warranty. They also replaced our 45 year old gutter system that leaked at the angled seams and installed high capacity down spouts which we tested with a thunder storm, wow! My wife and I would highly recommend Chico Roofing to anybody needing to replace a roof, or install a new one. Call them at (530) 892-9071

Lynn C.
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This is my fifth working experience with Bill and his crew. I have always had such great experiences with any project I have had them working on and that is why I chose them to do my new roof and add solar. Wow they were here exactly when they said they would be and the work was done quickly and expertly just as I knew it would be. From the beginning of this project his staff, everyone from the first call to the last panel going up was so professional and it was a very positive experience. I would not hesitate to recommend them to everyone for any of their roofing needs. Thank you Bill and crew for making this easier than I ever thought possible.

Al B.
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I recently bought a replacement solar vent fan for the roof for my house from Chico Roofing. Bill recommended a brand and model for the roof. He explained to me the efferent models and which one would be best for my particular needs. Bill ordered it and it came in on time. Installation was done within the week from the time I'd made the decision based on his recommendation. Installation was fast and Bill did a great job installing it. I chose to use Chico Roofing because of my past positive experience when they had installed a previous fan. t from Costco. He'd done a great job with that installation, so I didn't hesitate to call him for recommendations this time. The fan that he just installed in a lot quieter than the other brand and model that I bought from Costco. His office staff were very helpful and courteous during the process.

Mason A.
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Excellent service, product, and crews. De-installed solar, installed new roofing, repaired dry rot, upgraded and replaced solar. Great job!
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