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In addition to roofing, we also offer solar services.

Solar power is used everywhere, and the industry as a whole has grown rapidly over the past few years, thanks to increased installation capacities, community support, and declining solar costs. Today, our sister company, Chico Solar Works, is a well-known, respected force in the solar services industry, and they provide turnkey solar energy systems that integrate with your roof. This is the only local company in the Chico, California area that can make sure your roof is ready for solar energy and won’t leak once the solar system is installed.

Solar Services in Chico, California

At Chico Roofing Company, we are excited for you to take advantage of solar services. There are many reasons why we recommend upgrading your home with a solar panel system. For starters, installing solar panels can help you save money on your utility costs. Since you are essentially harvesting the free power of the sun and using it to power your home, you won’t be paying excessive amounts for electricity anymore.

Another benefit of solar panels is that they are an environmentally friendly option for your home. If you want to do something good for the environment, relying less on fossil fuels and more on renewable energy sources, like the sun, is a great way to go.

We would be happy to tell you more about our solar services and the work our sister company does. Contact us today to learn more and set up a consultation.

At Chico Roofing Company, we offer solar services in Chico, Yuba City, Gridley, Corning, Los Molinos, Orland, Oroville, Durham, Magalia, and Paradise, California.